About Us


We are transparent: We aim to have you know everything that you want to know about the inner workings, training and profit sharing within our business. Anything you want to know: just ask! 

The idea for YESS Painting was first formed in 2016. We had a vision for a company that does more than just provide our customers with a quality paint job at a competitive price, but also allows us to give back to the community that we care about so deeply and gives our customers the chance to have a direct impact on the trajectory of the lives of youth in our city. After two years of meetings, business plan adjustments, program changes and countless coffees, we are so excited to finally see this idea come to fruition.  

We are incredibly proud to work exclusively with youth who have experienced difficult realties. We believe that with the right resources and opportunities the youth we work with are able to create whatever future they envision for themselves. By giving these youth a hand up rather than a handout we are helping them to build the skills they need to foster longterm success and independence.

We donate 50% of all our profits directly to YESS so that we can guarantee the work we are doing will have a direct impact not only on the youth who work with us, but all of the countless others who receive support from YESS in some way. In 2016 YESS empowered 602 youths and we are dedicated to seeing that number grow in years to come. By choosing YESS Painting you can help to make that goal a reality. 

How Your Dollar Works Overtime With YESS Painting

  • 50% of profits donated directly back to YESS.
  • Provides living wages for the youth we work with.
  • Supports our programs: yoga for youth, meditation, mindfulness, fresh healthy food and snacks, budgeting, money management, life skills training. 
  • Builds supports for future generations of youth to learn business skills and to give themselves a hand up! 
  • Allows us to empower youth to create bright futures for both themselves and the beautiful, wonderful and cold city we live in.

YESS Painting is a different kind of company. We were founded with the goal of doing business with as much overall societal benefit as possible. In working with youth from YESS (Youth Empowerment and Support Services) who have experienced difficult realities, as well as donating 1/2 of our profits to YESS we hope to help them build the skills they need to achieve sustainable independence. Here are some of the ways we are working to achieve that goal: 

1- Guiding youth through the employment process, health and fitness program (mainly yoga, meditation and some nutrition), public speaking skills, painting, managing projects and, of course, exercising all of these skills within a real life franchise painting model working with actual clients. 

2- Running a business in a different way: looking to build a great business based upon extensive training, empowerment and guidance through a systematized process to benefit as many youth as possible. We have charitable focus as a founding principle rather than an afterthought.