Our Team



Nathan Kawulka, Founder

Nathan has spent quite some time within the painting industry and is well qualified to teach our youth the ropes. In addition to having painted just about everything you can think of he has also worked at a paint store, trained hundreds of painters as well as nearly 100 franchisees and a couple of district managers on the ins and outs of painting.

Jordan, Painter

I’m 16 years old and am currently in grade 11. I played competitive baseball for 7 years. I enjoy gaming, cooking, and reading in my free time. I work part time at a grocery store. I also work as an umpire during the summer.


Chad, Painter

I’m from Edmonton and I’m 21. I have a family on the way. I’m trying to get my life together to care of them and myself.


Melanie, Painter

I want save money so I can get my own place. I love dogs and if I get my own place I want to get a puppy of my own.

Trinity, Painter

I’m 16 years old and I’m trying to get my life back on track. I love music and dancing. I’m almost done grade 11 and I hope to graduate high school within the next two years. I want to save money so I can go to university.

Keith, Painter

I'm 21 and I'm doing this so that I can give my children a better life.